Saturday, October 6, 2012

OWH World Card Making DAY 2012 BLOG HOP!!!

I tried and tried to grab the "code" but I couldn't get it to work. ((Banging head on desk))  Sorry!!!  You are in the right place, my blog is part of the OWH WCD Blog Hop! Here is the link to go back to the beginning, if you need it!

Let's have some fun ladies!!!!

HAPPY WCD!!! Greetings from PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!! Thanks for dropping in for a few! I hope you are finding some nice inspiration along the way! I decided to do the Blog Hop in hopes it would give me some mojo that I somehow lost about a month worked! I forgot how it feels to flip thru paper and run my fingers thru a big jar of buttons and brads.  I even cut some paper I have been hoarding FOREVER!!! :)  I'm living on the dangerous side!
 I used Sketch #21 from the Stars and Strips Sketches. But I flipped it on it's side!  I dusted off my copic markers and gave it a whirl. I am not a Copic-ista by any means, I think this is like my 4th  image colored, so I am still learning. Don't laugh!  I thought this version of Santa best fits me and the other Arizona OWH-ERS as it is HOT here! Still a whopping 105 degrees!

Thanks for stopping by! Grab yourself a Coke and head on to the next blog!
Wait...almost forgot, check out yesterdays blog post for some CANDY! Yup, all ya gotta do is leave some love in the "Doo ba leee doo" on YESTERDAY'S post!
Take care and sending lots of Awesome Mojo Your Way!!!
Raeanna Smith

Friday, October 5, 2012

The night before the OWH HOP

Every hop, I tell myself don't forget to post C A N D Y!!!
So let's make this short and simple...
Post a comment below in the "Doo Ba Leee Doo"  WITH your email address spelled out for a chance to win 24 yards of pretty ribbon! It's that easy. Be sure you are commenting on THIS post for a chance to win! :) Winner will be picked on Monday October 8th, 2012 at Noon Arizona time!   
example: raeanna 25 at yahoo dot com